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How much does Digital Cartographics charge to create a custom map?

It depends on the size and complexity of the map. Maps vary in their use. A map created to show bus routes in a downtown area is likely to be much more complex than a metro map showing the general location of Ford car dealers. In general, greater map detail will mean a more expensive map. Digital Cartographics tries to hold down the cost of creating maps by using existing data when possible. Contact us with your specific needs and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free rate quote for your project.

What data does Digital Cartographics use in the map production process?

We use data from numerous government and third party sources. Digital map data exists for virtually the whole world and is available in various formats, scales, detail, etc. We assess our clients' needs individually and make decisions after that to determine the best data source. If appropriate digital data does not exist then we can scan existing hard copy maps to use as the base for a new map.

Who owns the finished map?

You do. When the project is finished, we ship all hard copy and/or digital files to you. Because you own all rights to the map, you're free to republish, change or make custom versions of the map.

What about CAD or GIS data?

CAD and GIS systems provide excellent sources for high quality, accurate data. Digital Cartographics will even do the research to locate data from these source at the request of our clients. Many different CAD/GIS formats can be accepted, including: ESRI Arc/Info and ArcView, MapInfo, DXF, USGS DLG, and USGS SDTS. One of our specialties which makes us unique is our experience with high-end cartography and GIS, and the ability to bridge the gap between them.

Will Digital Cartographics do a map as well as the layout for brochures, presentations, Web sites, etc.?

We do not offer any services that are typically carried out by a publisher or printer. We do layout only to the extent as it pertains to the content of a map and include any map related information needed to enhance its use. We will work closely with any printer or publisher at the request of a client.

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